Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort


The Tribal Gaming Commission shall deny a gaming license to any prospective Key Employee, High Security Employee or Primary Management Official who has committed any of the following crimes under the law of any jurisdiction, or is the subject of a civil judgment in any jurisdiction that is based upon facts which constitute the elements of any of the following crimes:

a. Aggravated murder; murder in the first degree
b. Assault, in the first or second degree
c. Kidnapping in the first degree
d. Rape in the first degree
e. Sodomy in the first or second degree
f. Unlawful penetration in the first degree
g. Sexual abuse in the first or second degree
h. Any crime related to child pornography
i. Forgery in the first degree
j. Possession of a forgery device
k. Unlawful factoring of a credit card transaction
l. Falsifying business records
m. Sports bribery or receiving a sports bribe
n. Making a false financial statement
o. Obtaining execution of a document by deception
p. Theft by extortion
q. Arson in the first degree
r. Computer crime
s. Robbery in the first or second degree
t. Bribery
u. Bribing a witness
v. Perjury
w. Any theft accomplished by manipulation of records, e.g. embezzlement
x. Promotion of unlawful gambling
y. Conviction of any crime if the original charge was promotion of unlawful gambling, and a lesser charge was plea-bargained
z. Tax evasion

Excerpt from The Suquamish Gaming Ordinance Title 11, Chapter 5

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